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On-Demand Clinical Intervention

  • The only advanced + deep spectrum biotherapeutic devices to show functional improvement in clinically objective brainwave biomarkers after initial and long-term use.

  • For use in-clinic use or at home. Can also serve as an adjunct to current interventional therapies like medication, transcranial magnetic stimulation, or electrical current stimulation.

  • Our advanced tools have been shown to expand treatment options and drive service line growth.

  • Healthcare providers can offer a wider range of interventional services without costly equipment or additional staff.

  • Interventional services are in high demand and can lead to significant growth for healthcare facilities.

  • Stay ahead of the clinical curve and provide superior care.

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Are you a TMS Provider?

Discover how Titan-iR Pro® can be smoothly integrated into your transcranial magnetic stimulation facilities, offering enhanced interventional possibilities for your patients.

Safe & Non-Invasive

Advanced Clinical Data

Telehealth Intervention

Onboarding Support

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