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Advanced Spectrum Biotherapeutics™

Prepare yourself for a life-altering adventure as you unlock a brand new version of yourself through the transformative power of Titan-iR, a non-invasive, clinically validated, wearable technology. 

Improve Concentration

Enhance Productivity

Boost Mental Acuity

You've never felt this good

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Titan-iR® Advanced Biotherapeutics

Better Focus, Better Mood, Better You

  • The Titan-iR® Advanced Spectrum Biotherapeutics device is designed to boost cognitive resources, particularly in areas of the brain associated with mental acuity, decision-making, problem-solving, and cognitive resource management.

  • Recent clinical data demonstrated that Titan-iR® may promote acute improvement in individuals who struggle with concentration, multitasking, and decision-making.

  • The results of these early studies underscore the potential of the Titan-iR® device, suggesting it could be a powerful tool for clinicians and individuals seeking an alternative solution for brain health and overall wellness. intervention.

Titan-iR: Objective Results That Matter

Real People, Real Results

Neuromonitoring and brainwave observations show that a single session with Titan-iR has demonstrated a significant boost in brainwave activity within the prefrontal cortex. This area is closely linked to cognitive resource management and executive function.

Clinical Brain Scan

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Regions displaying blue hues indicate reduced activity, while areas with red hues indicate heightened brainwave activity.

Increasing Global Brain Health & Cognitive Performance








Cognitive Response

Total Patient

Total Countries

Cognitive Performance

*Results May Vary

Fine-Tune A Better You

The Titan-iR® mobile application is the only platform tailored to deliver one-touch proprietary programs based on clinical outcomes.  

  • Take control of your brain health, mental wellness, and cognitive performance with the Titan-iR® app, available on Android and coming soon on iOS.

  • Monitor your cognitive performance and track improvements over time using the app's features.

  • Access a variety of tools and resources within the app to enhance your cognitive performance and abilities.

The Titan-iR Mobile Application

Titan-iR Google Play
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Discover the Brain Power of
Advanced + Deep Biotherapeutics

Unleash the ultimate brain-boosting companion! Experience heightened and supercharged productivity all day long. Our Advanced + Deep Spectrum Biotherapeutics™ platform is specially crafted to optimize your brain's premium fuel source for optimal charge. Don't settle for the ordinary when you can embrace the extraordinary. Revolutionize your life and experience the best version of you. 

Happy Science, Happy Clients

The Titan-iR device has been a game-changer for me! My focus has improved immensely, and I'm accomplishing more in less time. It's as if a fog has lifted from my mind. I wholeheartedly recommend Titan-iR to anyone seeking to boost their productivity.

Titan-iR User

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Biochemically Different

Experience the ultimate biochemical productivity biohack

Our innovative biotherapeutic technology targets and supercharges the exact areas of your brain that may help you achieve enhanced concentration, improved mental acuity, better decision-making skills, and cognitive resource management. Turbocharge your brain power and excel to new levels while being your best you.

The Ultimate Companion

Advanced Spectrum

Titan-iR utilizes validated spectrums of therapeutic wavelengths, setting a new standard in photobiomodulation therapy.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Connect Titan-iR™ to your smartphone via Bluetooth for seamless use of advanced session features.

Therapeutic Windows

Titan-iR™ targets therapeutic windows that have been clinically shown to improve cognitive function.

Discover the Benefits of Advanced Spectrum Biotherapeutics™

Sleep Better With More Productive Days

Discover the Benefits of Advanced Spectrum Biotherapeutics™

Maintain A Positive Outlook & Better Mood

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